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Małgorzata Czarnowska
Tel.: 59 84 88 225
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Dagna Mikołajczak – Maśnicka
Tel.: 59 84 88 225
Fax: 59 84 88 465

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About us

The main objective of the project entitled “Invest in Slupsk” co-financed by the ERDF
under the Regional Operational Programme for Pomorskie Voivodeship for 2007-2013 is
to create appropriate investment conditions in the region by promoting economic Słupsk
city, creating a positive image of the investor-friendly, professional and comprehensive
services for operators and provide information the region and its economic values. Local
entrepreneurs and outside investors expect from local authorities multidirectional support,
allowing achievement of success in the ongoing economic competition in the market. To
this end, the project was set up Investor Service Centre, which is the first point of contact for
those interested in investing in the town of Slupsk. Thanks to close cooperation with local
governments and governmental institutions, good knowledge of local realities Centre staff
will provide prompt and professional assistance when making investment decisions.

The main area of Słupsk's Investor Service Centre is:

  • Create and complement the current investment offers located in the city of Slupsk,
  • Collecting information about the sub-region of Slupsk, located on-site businesses;
  • Collection of statistical data on the city and businesses located within its territory;
  • Support for foreign investors visiting the city;
  • Working with the Słupsk Special Economic Zone and Slupsk Chamber of Industry - Commerce;
  • Promoting investment attractiveness of the city of Slupsk in the country and abroad.

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