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Our city

Słupsk is one of the most beautiful places in Central Pomerania, and therefore is considered a gem of a tourist. Visitors will find an unusual nature, interesting monuments and historical sites, and well-developed tourist infrastructure, or guest houses, hotels and restaurants. Another advantage is its location just 18 km from the Baltic Sea, beautiful beaches and famous seaside resorts.


Słupsk is the second largest urban center after the Tri-City in the Pomeranian Province, located between the major Polish port complexes: Szczecin-Swinoujscie and the Gdańsk-Gdynia.

The preferred location of the city makes important functions in the region:

  • administrative (head office of the city, municipality Slupsk, Slupsk District, other state institutions),
  • tourist (proximity of the sea, forest, a place of intersection of many hiking trails),
  • transport (rail and road junction),
  • commercial (main shopping center of Central Pomerania),
  • manufacturing (Słupsk Special Economic Zone).

The most important tourist attractions include monuments of Słupsk, including Town Hall, Gothic churches (including the leaning tower of St. Mary's, St.. Jack) Castle of Pomeranian Dukes, the oldest open elevator in Europe, the world's largest collection of art by Witkiewicz. In the center you can also admire the historic buildings of the interwar period.

Słupsk is also an important cultural center of national importance. There are numerous well-known festivals with a national. The most important are: Polish Piano Festival, Komeda Jazz Festival, Confrontations of Women's Art, Festival of Eastern Culture "Mundus Orientalis", Schaefferiada, Festival of Young Talents "Niemen Non Stop".

Nearby are the famous resorts of the Baltic Sea, as Ustka, Rowy, and Leba Jarosławiec, as well as smaller tourist resorts offering accommodation in boarding houses during the summer, 19 tourist routes, for people who like walking and close contact with nature, 8441 lakes with a total surface of 1 hectare, forests occupying 40% of the region, the park "Valley Słupia" and Slowinski National Park - biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

The city plays an important role in the region, bringing together many institutions and service providers, among other things is a major center of education - science, the seat of several universities and high schools. Here operate institutions that support economic development - Slupsk Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Slupsk Economic Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Also in the field of medical services Slupsk has much to offer - a large amount of health care and specialist doctors provides a high standard of medical care.



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